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How to Display Plants in Your Home

Adding plants to your home is a great way to bring a fresh, calming feel to a room. They also add interesting focal points, and can help to divide an open-plan living area. There are a variety of ways to display plants, and many of them are low-maintenance and easy to maintain.

There are plenty of plants available in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you are looking for a low-maintenance plant, you may want to consider a box plant. These plants only need to be clipped once or twice a year. They are also fairly hardy.

You can also create a sculptural effect with potted plants. If you have a larger space, consider a tall potted plant. This Plant Ideas will accentuate the tumbling shape of the pot.

If you have limited space, consider hanging plants. These are easy to care for and can create a dramatic effect in a small space. You can hang a plant from a ceiling or a shelf, or place a container next to your TV.

Plants are also useful as an air filter. A hanging plant is great for filtering air coming in from your windows. If you have a yoga or meditation room, plants can add a calming effect. They can also help to create a calming reading nook.

You can also hang plants from a curtain pole, IKEA curtain rod or similar. Plants are also great for decorating a bedroom. You can place one plant in an architectural vase for a sculptural effect. If you have an empty corner, placing a cluster of plants on the wall will add a decorative edge to the room.

You can also use a large, smooth-sided pot to create a bold, contemporary silhouette. You can also mix and match planters with different plant styles. For example, you might choose a potted plant with a spiky aloe vera in a cylinder pot, or an English ivy in a decorative glass jar.

You can also use a wooden bracket to elevate your plant. This is an effective way to reclaim space on your shelves. Another plant display that is also a good idea is the maple leaf stick. You can purchase similar plant stands at Amazon.

One of the most popular plant ideas is hanging pots. These pots are inexpensive, and they can make a great home decor statement. Hanging pots are also a great solution for minimalist home decor. They can also be used in combination with other display ideas.

You can also make a curated wall display with plants and art prints. This is especially helpful for people who live in a cold climate or who may have limited space. You can also display plants in front of a window to promote natural humidity regulation. This is especially helpful if you have pets.

You can also hang air plants to create a stress-free environment. Air plants are decorative living species that can be purchased at an epiphytes nursery. They look fantastic mounted on a wooden board.

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