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Different Types of Tarps for Your Trailer Tarpaulin

A trailer tarpaulin is a water-resistant cover that protects your cargo from dirt and rain. The tarpaulin is usually made from waterproof material, such as vinyl. It can be folded to fit the size of your cargo. There are different kinds of tarpaulins, depending on the materials they are made of.

Polyethylene tarps are the most common type of tarp. They are durable and light-weight. They are also capable of blocking 90% of UV rays. You may want to consider a tarp that has fabric abrasion strips on the edges for additional durability.

If you have a trailer, you need to know how to tie down a tarp. Properly securing a tarp can prevent your load from flying out. It can also help you avoid a claim for damage caused by flying items.

There are three basic types of tarps. A wrapped tarp is a flat tarp that covers both sides of your trailer. The tarp should be twice the length and width of your trailer. You will need to measure the distance down each side, and then add these dimensions to the tarp.

A fitted tarp is a heavy-duty canvas tarp that is normally rectangular in shape. It costs more than a wrapped tarp. It also requires more sewing. It can cost as much as $75 more. It is typically used for securing a full load on a conventional flatbed trailer. It can be a good choice if you need to make a tight, durable cover. It is often used for food transportation.

Coil tarps are special tarps that match the Nettotrailer shape of steel coils. They are also commonly used to cover cylinder-shaped loads. They have split corners, so you can use a transport chain to secure your tarp. The weight trade-off is worth it for many haulers.

Mesh tarps are lighter than other tarps. They are generally less wind-resistant and have holes that allow moisture and air to pass through. They can be used to cover loose items or for protecting storage. Some are double-stitched and have grommets to provide security. They can be used in combination with lumber tarps to cover a load.

A smoke tarp is also used for covering a load. It shields your load from exhaust fumes. These are specially designed for flatbeds and are often combined with lumber tarps. They are sized 10’x12′. They are useful in protecting your load from dust and dirt.

Machinery tarps are also used to protect equipment in the manufacturing process. They are similar to steel tarps, but they have grommets around the hems. These tarps are sometimes difficult to cover large loads. It is advisable to choose a heavy duty tarp if you need to cover an odd shaped load.

You can purchase a variety of flatbed trailer tarps from TruckTrailerPro. These covers come in a variety of colors, including red, white, and blue. The color depends on the company producing them. However, government regulations do not specify the color of tarps.

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