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Portable Generators

You can purchase Dual-Fuel Portable Generators that run on either gasoline or propane. Propane is an excellent fuel choice for generators because it is stable over time and does not gum up the carburetors. Many homes already have a large propane storage tank. However, the downside to propane is that it has a lower energy content than gasoline. This means that you need to be sure to consider the amount of energy you will be using before buying a Dual-Fuel Portable Generator.

Inverter generators

Portable Inverter generators are lightweight and compact. Usually, they offer two outlets and a USB port. They are great for light construction work, and are quieter than gas generators. However, they still need periodic maintenance, and they must be used outdoors. For this reason, they are not suitable for indoor use.

Inverter generators save fuel because they adjust their speed according to the demand for power. Conventional generators are not able to do this. Because inverters can run at different speeds, they reduce fuel consumption and pollution. Furthermore, they can be safer to use since their electrical output is of higher quality.

Generac’s GP6500 CoSense

The CO-SENSE technology found in Generac’s GP6500 portable generator helps protect the home against carbon monoxide poisoning during power outages. This¬†Portable Generators generator is great for running lights, appliances, and well pumps during a power outage, and automatically shuts off when CO levels increase.

This portable generator offers a 6500-watt running capacity and is equipped with a COsense device to protect you and your family from carbon monoxide buildup. It’s priced at $799. Generac also offers a wide selection of other models, so be sure to check out their website and newsletter to find the right one for your needs.

Honda EU2200i

The new Honda EU2200i portable generator is a great upgrade from the EU2000i and offers up to 10% more power. It’s also lightweight and compact, making it an excellent choice for camping trips, job sites, and the home. In addition to its versatility, the EU2200i is also safe and easy to use on wet, damp surfaces.

One thing to look for is the manufacturer’s sticker on the engine cover boss. This sticker will show that the generator has been repaired. If you find a sticker that has the code ‘7EP’ on it, the generator has been reconditioned. If the sticker isn’t there, the generator has not been repaired.

Generac’s RYi2322VNM

This portable generator is capable of running multiple devices simultaneously and is compact and lightweight. It has an LCD display and two USB ports, which make it easy to carry it around. It is designed to be easy to set up, with a telescopic handle and wheels for easier transport. It is CARB-compliant, and includes automatic low-oil shutoff and overload protection.

It is also capable of handling most residential needs. Its Wi-Fi capability lets you monitor it with your smartphone and provides maintenance alerts. It runs on liquid propane or natural gas.

Generac’s Predator

Generac’s Predator portable generator is a powerful, lightweight alternative for emergency power needs. Its 13 HP Air Cooled OHV gas engine offers 14.5 hours of run time on a half-load. Like its larger brother, the Predator has a heavy-duty carrying handle for portability.

The Predator generator is relatively inexpensive, starting at $350. Prices go up to $800, but the average is around $500. They are also moderately heavy, with weight varying according to engine size, wattage, and capacity. These units provide fuel efficiency and reliability while offering five power outlets.

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